CK Polymers Chemical Logistics

Odessa based game changing logistics services focused on Permian formation

  • Prime Location Odessa – within 50 miles 80% of Permian fields
  • 3 USPs: Optimize Costs; Improve Customer Service & Minimize Field Inventory
  • Break- Through IOT technology levered supply chain optimization solutions
  • “Last-Mile” bulk delivery to the customer – Trucks /Totes/ISOs
  • Multi modal logistics Services- Rail to Truck / Rail to Totes
  • Break bulk services: Rail to Totes; Slurry Blending
  • Warehousing Services – Storage of Rail Cars/Trucks/Totes/ISOs

IOT Technology Enabled Supply Chain Optimization

  • Chemical Inventory Management System (CIMS)
  • Real-Time, Continuous Field Inventory Level Monitoring
    1. Liquid Chemicals
    2. Dry Chemicals
    3. Lubricants and Fuels
    4. Friction Reducers
    5. Sand
  • 100% On-time delivery performance
  • Enables CKP to eliminate ANY and ALL delivery demurrage charges

West Texas Terminal

Located in Odessa, TX

  • Can handle up to 200 rail cars
  • 24/7 Operations

Other Terminals Locations

CKP Logistical services are available in other areas within the contiguous US.

The way your business handles “last-mile” logistics is crucial to maximizing your customers’ satisfaction levels. For more information about how CK Polymers Chemical Logistics can help your company provide World-Class service while improving your bottom-line, please contact us today.

Managing Supply Chain’s Transaction Costs Through Logistics

Delivering Reliable Quality